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I'm Anna Speranza.
I'm a Floral Designer and the CEO/Founder of Floreventi - Floral Scenographies®.

If you have just arrived here, you probably don't want to hear about my passion for floral art or how much time and money I have invested (and continue to invest) in the highest national and international professional training.

I am convinced you are wondering WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU!

Well, let's go right to the point. I'd like to tell you something very important, right away.

It's about  the 7 things that  our customers love and hate the most:

Whether they're young couples looking for the floral arrangement for their wedding or companies that need a scenography for their corporate event, professionals, shops or showrooms honers, what do they have all have in common?

They HATE:

  • WASTING TIME, for example, having to go to many different flower designers to ask about the same project (or a similar one) to find the lowest price;
  • WASTING MONEY on jobs that are apparently cheaper but turn out to be low-quality.

They LOVE:

  • Having exclusive and personalized works made especially for their events;
  • Making a good impression on every occasion;
  • Getting the advice and guidance they need to get the best possible result;
  • Receiving transparent and accurate prices;
  • FEELING SERENE AND CAREFREE thanks to our punctuality.

Well, now you know what distinguishes my customers.  Do you share any of these characteristics with them?

If so, then here are the things I can do for you:

  • Decorations and floral arrangements for weddings, private and corporate events;
  • Floral scenography, furnishing accessories on permanent or semi-permanent structures for  homes, hotels, shops or business premises.
  • Floral gifts and beautiful bouquets, simple or elaborate, ideal for making a good impression;
  • Finally, I also provide floral art courses to start you on your journey into this magical world.

Live your event as the protagonist with Floreventi

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